I met Allison via an online Facebook group. I had just had a horrible experience with a cleaning service and was scared to hire someone new. Allison came to my house and did a fantastic job for an extremely reasonable price. She also made sure to send me a copy of her license, which made me feel at ease with her being in my home. Most days I left the house while she cleaned and felt completely comfortable doing so. Allison will do anything you request, even organizing. I highly recommend her! --Mackenzie M.

Allison helped my family so much when we were preparing to move, and once we were unpacking into our new home. Allison is so organized, she helps design systems that work! It has felt like I’m living a new paradigm since Allison started working for me and helping me organize. She assisted me in purging unwanted belongings, developing organizational systems for items that I want to keep, and has helped me see my home and my stuff in a whole new light. She’s so resourceful — it’s like she knows what I need before I even realize it myself! She has even helped me sell items online and has delivered giveaway items directly to families in need for me.  She is so thoughtful, always keeping her clients in mind and helping them ease into a higher level of functioning. I’m grateful that I’ve had Allison’s help for the last few months and plan to keep working with her while I downsized and up-cycle. --Mia M.,

Allison is an excellent organizer and truly gifted in her ability to sort through large boxes of storage items mixed in with small to large single items and finding the best places to fit them together utilizing the least amount of space.  She can take a peek at a messy pile of stacked up “junk” that makes me want to pull my hair out and can quickly and systematically sort through it and organize it to where I have easy access!  She’s amazing!!  She assisted me greatly in reorganizing 21 years of such piled up stuff in my garage and a huge help is preparing and setting up a garage sale.  She is also quite experienced in selling items online and assisted me in determining prices for specific types of items and able to refer me to various websites for that purpose.  As well as many gifts herself, she also has many resources!

 I referred Allison to 2 friends who have repeatedly thanked me as they were equally impressed with her unique skills, as well as her willingness to take on most any other project that may present itself. --Vickie B.,

“Allison cleaned my house today for the first time. She did a thorough job and had no problem listening and executing my requests. I will definitely be using her again!” --Dawn K.,

"Allison did an excellent job organizing our children's art supplies, toys, and our linen closet. She was efficient and had helpful organizational tips. We highly recommend her." --​Abbey L.,

"Allison Almond has worked for our family to organize the clutter in our office, pantry, closets, our sheds, and generally help us set up a more orderly system in our house. No job is too difficult for Allison and her commitment to excellence in the face of chaos is always intact. She is fair with her time and can certainly bring peace of mind given that she is a talented professional organizer which many busy families can utilize in the home. I would recommend her if you are struggling with the discomfort of clutter and a potential lack of time to deal with it." --Brett G.

"Allison is amazing! She always takes extra special careof our two dogs. They are full of energy and she loves them like they are her own. We would recommended her to everyone." --Danielle M.

"Allison was helping me to watch my son during my appointment. My son had great time and she even made some bird feeder for him! Then I went to my kitchen to unload my dishes and guess what? She even did that, too! Even my husband gets confused where some stuff goes, she managed to put them away where I want them to be LOL! I am very impressed and thankful! Thank you Allison for going above and beyond and making me feel very safe to leave my son with you." --Veronica K.

"I've known Allison for several years. Although not a super close friend, she's the only one I really trusted to house sit and take care of our dogs and bearded dragons. This was not a task for the faint hearted. She didn't have experience with bearded dragons but handled them as well as their creepy crawly feeders (roaches, crickets) like a pro. Everything was alive and in its place a week later when we came home from Hawaii. The dogs ended up loving her too."-- Sherry W.

"Allison is a great resource to use to learn how to make your own Kombucha. After meeting with Allison, I knew not only is she knowledgeable but has a true passion for making Kombucha! I left the session feeling very confident and well informed on what my next steps were and excited to start my first batch. With my session, Allison was eager to answer all of my questions, provided many recipes and suggested many different flavor profiles to use in my Kombucha. Also received a handout guiding me through step by step of the entire process along with the Scoby. Definitely would recommend anyone looking to make their own Kombucha to schedule a session with Allison to learn more." --Morgan B.,

"Allison is amazing. She has helped me clean my house more than once and we developed an amazing friendship during this time.... She doesn't just clean she organizes helps with tedious jobs and literally does it all..... And by does it all I mean she's always able to help. I had a late night emergency and my husband had to stay with my son but I had to go to the ER.... She was a life savor! Picked me up (I planned to uber home) but she stayed with me the whole time and took me home at 2am because we were there for so long! She does it all. I have found an amazing friend through hiring her for help with cleaning. I strongly suggest using Allison for anything you may need help with!!!!"--Kaitlin B.,